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Mother, hCBM: High Conflict Bio/Birth Mother, tM: The Mom or Their Mom.

SK(s) or skids: Stepkid(s fSK(s) or FSKids: Future Stepkid(s sS: Stepson, sD: Depending on context can mean either Stepdaughter or StepDad.

BD: Depending on context can mean either Birthdaughter or BirthDad.

BS: BirthSon, sF: Depending on context can mean either Stepfather or Stepfamily.

CS/CSO: Child Support / Child Support Order.

CPS: Child Protective Services, cO: Court Order, cA: Custody Agreement, eOW: Every other week.

Eowe: Every other weekend, cP: Custodial Parent, nCP: Non Custodial Parent, pAS: Parent Alienation Syndrome.

Sahsm: Stay at Home Stepmom tOW: The other Women TOM: The other Mom GP, GM, GF: Grandparents GAL: Guardian Ad Litem MIL: Mother in Law xmil: Ex Mother in Law JMO: Just my Opinion imho: In my Honest/Humble Opinion.

Most abbreviations with #s after, for example SS15 / BM35, indicates a child/person's age.

Stepson is 15/Birthmom is 35 smilf.

Haha just being funny, if you don't get it, look it up online.

I was in his house, with his stepmom.

My mom and my stepmom, they hate each other, so it's on me to make sure they both show up to the wedding and don't kill one another.

As I served her over the next two weeks, I felt enabled to love my stepmom and be patient even though I wasnt necessarily happy about the situation.

No, my dad gave it to my stepmom for Valentine's day.

So I'm supposed to just abandon my dad to live with my cheating ex-stepmom?

Sister or your stepmom?

Stop acting like my stepmom.

Threatening his stepmom with a knife.

OpenSubtitles2018.v3 OpenSubtitles2018.v3 Did you know his profile picture is Susan Sarandon in " Stepmom "?
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