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door as our dog looked on, his head tilted in confusion.

This is for you buddy, I told our big.

Golden, lab mix, GhostBuster, my voice competing against that of our outraged Terrier mix, Marshmallow (a known escape artist who Id shut in the bedroom before propping the front door open).

As my husband and I maneuvered the new couch well, loveseat into our already overstuffed living room, I told GhostBuster repeatedly what a lucky boy he was, but Im sure he would have realized this even if I hadnt pointed it out.

After all, this was the second time wed carried a couch into this room specifically for him.

Always a gentleman, GhostBuster lets Marshmallow sit on his new couch.

(Photo by Heather Marcoux).

Our first dog, GhostBuster was adopted as an adult back in 2014.

A much bigger mutt than I had imagined we would get, I wasted no time telling him he was not allowed on our then brand-new living room furniture, and GhostBuster dutifully obeyed (unless, of course, I was out of the room or closed my eyes).

At the time, our arrangement looked just like it had in the furniture store.

Our goldenrod sofa and loveseat were flanked by matching yellow lamps on coordinating side tables.
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