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cars that run on water, fostering world peace, or maybe even concocting a chocolate.

Look at Mark Zuckerberg, co-creator of the life-changing social networking site, Facebook. .

Many people wonder what was it about Zuckerbergs childhood that gave him the creative mind to come up with such an incredible concept. .

In a recent interview with.

New York Magazine his father, Ed Zuckerberg, admits that he and his wife didnt profess any special child-rearing skills.

The best I can say is that as parents, you can engineer the life you want your kids to have, but it may not be the life they want to have.

You have to encourage them to pursue their passions.

And you have to spend more time on them than you spend on anything else, he shares.

Ed Zuckerberg makes a very important point when he says that the life you want your kids to have might not be the life they want to have. .

This scenario plays out more often than some parents would care to admitthey longed to be a famous astronaut or perhaps the first woman president of the United States and because those dreams were not fulfilled, they push their own children into fulfilling them instead.

There is an easier way to raise an innovative child other than forcing your unrealized dreams on him or her. .

Here are 6 ways you can encourage your childs inner creativity so that he or she can grow up curious and excited to experiment and embrace the world around them: Tip #1 - Be Open Minded.

Be on the lookout for activities that make your child excited. .

Does he enjoy assembling complicated jigsaw puzzles?

Does she like getting messy in the yard growing her own plants?

Maybe youre running out of crayons and paper because he loves to draw?

Or maybe he just has to pull things apart to figure out how they work? .

Whatever it is, cheer them on and encourage them to keep. .
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