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Twelve years of build-up led to one of the very best stories told in all.

Star Wars and a finale nothing short of perfect, if not heartbreaking.

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The two main characters of the show  Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano  had a huge role in the finale, and delivered the usual greatness.

Here we look at each of the pairs' best moments throughout.

The Clone Wars' final season.

11 Captain Rex - Respect For Ahsoka.

Something teased in the trailers that fans were excited for was not only the reunion of Anakin and Ahsoka but of Ahsoka and Rex.

The image of Anakin bringing Ahsoka to Rex, with Rex and the 501st having helmets paying homage to Ahsoka, was both emotional and beautiful  a repeated sentiment in the season.

It shows the friendship of the pair and the individuality and feelings of Rex.

10 Ahsoka Tano - "Race You To The Surface!".

The Siege of Mandalore arc surprised a lot of people by jumping straight into the action with Ahsoka and Rex arriving on Mandalore with a section of the 501st.

When Mauldalorians attack, a battle ensues, and Ahsoka says to Rex, "Race you to the surface bringing a smile to Rex's face.

Ahsoka then flies through the air, killing Mauldalorians before landing on the ground in badass fashion in a scene nothing short of epic.

9 Captain Rex - Letting Echo.

Not all great moments came from the Siege of Mandalore, though; Rex has some great stuff in the long-awaited Bad Batch arc.

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